19 Feb

I Blog Bag

9 Feb

You never realize how many people are blogging until you yourself start to blog as well! This bag was inspired by my new past-time! Everyone else has a fashion passion bag, so why not make one for the bloggers?

So why a blog bag? Because everyone blogs!!  Share the passion with everyone else! And just like blog topics, this bag is universal! You can use it for anything you like! Use it for the dirty diapers or for your makeup! Use it as your travel bag or as a reminder to continue to blog! Anything goes with this fun “I blog” bag!! Love it!

My new sewing machine

9 Feb

After 20 years of sewing faithfully on my Bernina she made a funny noise then just wouldn’t go. I didn’t want a new sewing machine, I wanted my Bernina back. She is like my most comfortable jeans.  I have 3 other sewing machines but they are not the same.

So with a heavy heart I went to the Sewing Machine Shop in Walnut Creek, CA.  They are so awesome there. They do all my repairs, including most recently getting my grandmothers 1935 Featherweight up and running.  I met with Dan the store owner. He introduced me to a Juki. This machine is awesome! She only goes forward and backwards…. but she is soooo fast.  She powers through thick fabrics with ease.  I never thought that I would stray from my Bernina but Juki… I’m hooked on you!

New Roadie Bag

6 Feb

This one is for my husband!

I used to travel with live tours as a “Roadie” You could never have enough bags to put your “gig” stuff in.I created this bag with my husband who is still actively touring.

This is one TOUGH bag!

The exterior is made out of black ultra suede and lined in a grey heavy, cotton blend material. Instead of my normal ribbon closure, my husband suggested that I use a key ring for an easy clip to anything! The “ROADIE” lettering is out of matte silver vinyl.

This bag can be used for all the small things like your tools and computer bits. Or how about as a showerbag? No more embarrassing pink flower showerbags!! hehe

Bag measures 13 x 8 1/2.

Want a different word, font or even a monogram? Message me! I will be happy to create a custom listing!

The New Generation

3 Feb

So I am a little bit of both old school and .new school .

I am obsessed with with photoshop and illustrator, yet I can’t seem to find the time or energy to figure it out… regardless of the amounts of books I read look through.

I always have a grand idea of how technology will make my life easier… but I always go back to the old school methods.  It is so easy to think that new tools will make a project that much easier, but somehow I always end up looking into my old books to figure out how to do something..

I love the ability to have your hands on something… that process of creation is so gratifying… from the idea… to the process… to end result.

Here is to the new old generation, finding pleasure in those things that are handmade. The journey to the end result.


Another “Goodie” Bag

3 Feb

Get your “goodies” while they are still fresh!!!

I love this bag! It’s so simple yet so cute! Purple is in and so is this lined bag. It’s part of the “Goodies” series. They can be used for so many things! You just have to get creative!! I always suggest these bags as a wet bag for a baby, a makeup bag, or a travel bag!!

The best part of any of these bags are that they are customizable!!!

Just  pick your fabric, pick your font, pick your saying and create a bag that no one else will have!!! Come to my website or leave a comment and we can figure out a style just for you!! Happy shopping!

Retro “Goodies”

2 Feb

Here is the newest design! Love this retro “GOODIES” bag!

It is so versatile! You can use it for anything! Who knew a dirty diaper bag could be so stylish!


30 Jan

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